Founder of Findlay American Prosthetics, Serving the greater Put-in-Bay and Findlay Ohio Area.

Jeremy Berman


Jeremy Berman

Raised in Put-in-Bay, Jeremy Berman is a dedicated healthcare provider residing in Findlay, Ohio. He is a practitioner and co-owner of Findlay American Prosthetic-Orthotic Centre, Inc., a renowned establishment committed to assisting individuals with disabilities in their rehabilitation journey. Jeremy specializes in prosthetics and orthotics, holding the esteemed title of Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist (C.P.O.).

Jeremy’s primary role as a practitioner revolves around helping individuals with limb loss or instability regain optimal mobility and function. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for helping others, he utilizes his extensive qualifications as a Prosthetic Practitioner, Orthotic Practitioner, and Pedorthotic Provider to provide comprehensive support to individuals facing profound challenges resulting from accidents, illnesses, or other causes of disability.

Findlay American Prosthetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc., the organization Jeremy co-owns, offers a broad spectrum of services to residents of Put-in-Bay. Their offerings encompass evaluating, fabricating, and custom-fitting orthopedic braces and artificial limbs. Moreover, the company provides comprehensive assistance to individuals requiring orthotics or prosthetics for various reasons.

Jeremy’s responsibilities involve conducting assessments to address muscle loss or weakness and working closely with individuals who have experienced significant trauma or fractures leading to limb loss. Additionally, the organization supports individuals with neurological deficiencies needing specialized care. Through Findlay American Prosthetic – Orthotic Centre, Inc., Jeremy actively contributes to patient education, postoperative care, follow-up services, and the provision of lower and upper extremity prosthetics.

The overarching objective of the organization is to rehabilitate individuals with profound physical disabilities to the best of their ability, focusing on improving functionality, mobility, and overall independence. As a testament to their commitment to the community, Findlay American Prosthetic-Orthotic Centre, Inc., founded on June 1, 1975, continuously gives back through various initiatives and resources. These include sharing knowledge and supporting local schools, physicians’ groups, and physical therapists.

As a practitioner and co-owner of Findlay American Prosthetic-Orthotic Centre, Inc.,¬†Jeremy Berman Put-in-Bay¬†embodies compassion, expertise, and a genuine desire to help individuals with disabilities overcome obstacles and regain control of their lives. His contributions, alongside the organization’s steadfast dedication to community involvement, significantly impact the lives of countless individuals seeking rehabilitation and support.

Jeremy Berman


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